This section explores the core functionalities of Songbird, offering a deep dive into how these tools can be used by artists, labels, and managers.

Natural Language Interface (LLM)


Engage with Songbird using conversational language, making complex queries accessible and intuitive.


  • Simplified Interaction: Engage directly with Songbird in a conversational manner, enabling natural dialogue about music data analysis and predictions.
  • Advanced Queries: Ask complex questions about music performance, trends, and audience demographics without needing technical expertise.

Audio Analysis


In-depth examination of tracks to reveal genre, audience preferences, and more through Songbird’s CLAP model.


  • Genre and Subgenres: Uncover both the broad genre and specific nuances of your music.
  • Audience Demographics: Understand who listens to your tracks, including age, gender, and ethnicity.
  • City Listener Demand: Identify where globally your music is most in demand.
  • Similarities: Discover artists, songs, and songwriters that share a close resemblance to your style, aiding in networking and playlist placements.
  • Era or Decades: Determine whether your music aligns with contemporary trends or evokes a nostalgic era, assisting in thematic marketing strategies.
  • Song Novelty: Assess how your music stands out in the current landscape, offering a unique selling point.

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Predictive Modeling


Utilize Songbird’s proprietary models to forecast track performance, streaming success, and listener engagement.

Deep Dive into Predictive Models

Post-Release Forecast

  • Function: Predicts streaming numbers 30 days post-release, integrating the track’s first week’s performance and historical data.
  • Impact: Allows artists and labels to adjust marketing strategies based on early performance indicators.

Pre-Release Prediction

  • Function: Estimates streaming milestones for unreleased songs, combining audio analysis with the artist’s historical data.
  • Impact: Helps in making informed decisions on promotional efforts and setting realistic expectations for a track’s success.

ROI in Streams

  • Function: Forecasts when a track will achieve specific streaming counts, indicative of reaching ROI milestones.
  • Impact: Provides financial planning insights, helping artists and labels allocate resources more effectively.

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Search Functionality


An advanced search engine within Songbird, enabling detailed queries across over 5 million tracks.


  • Filtering and Advanced Queries: Users can search using genre, artist names, song names, cities, and more, or even upload an audio file for similarity-based searches.
  • Collaboration and Genre Fusion: Enables the discovery of potential collaborations and genre fusions not readily apparent through conventional search methods.

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Technical Specifications and Model Insights

CLAP Model

Songbird’s Contrastive Language Audio Pretraining (CLAP) model goes beyond traditional audio analysis features. Capturing intricate relationships between sounds and textual descriptions. This multimodal understanding enhances the accuracy of music analysis, predictions, and search capabilities.


  • Enhanced Accuracy: Achieves high predictive accuracy by understanding complex audio-text relationships.
  • Multimodal Analysis: Offers a holistic view of music by analyzing both audio signals and textual metadata.
  • Discovery and Collaboration: Facilitates music discovery and identifies collaboration opportunities through advanced search algorithms.

By leveraging these features, music professionals can engage with Songbird to unlock insights and strategies that were previously inaccessible, making informed decisions that drive success in the competitive landscape of the music industry.