Getting Access

  • Whitelist Access: Access to Songbird is granted via a whitelist. Contact the Songbird team to get your email whitelisted and gain access to the platform.
  • Login: Once whitelisted, log in using your authorized email. No traditional sign-up process is required.

Analyze Your First Track

  1. Navigate to the ‘Analyze Audio’ section on the toolbar.
  2. Select and upload an audio file from your computer. Songbird supports multiple audio formats for analysis.
  3. Upon uploading, the platform will begin the audio analysis process, offering initial insights into genre, mood, and audience demographics.

Engaging with Songbird

  • Predictive Modeling: Use the ‘Predictive Modeling’ section to forecast your track’s performance. Input the track name and artist’s Chartmetric ID to get started.
  • Audience Identification: Ask Songbird, “Who is the ideal audience for this track?” to receive tailored marketing strategy suggestions.
  • Collaboration Discovery: Explore potential collaboration opportunities by providing artist characteristics or seeking recommendations from Songbird.