Songbird’s audio analysis feature provides in-depth insights into your music’s, helping you understand its genre, audience, and more.

Uploading Your First Track

  1. Click ‘New Chat’ Button: After logging in, navigate to the ‘New Chat’ button of the platform.
  2. Select ‘Analyze Audio’ Button.
  3. Choose an Audio File: Click ‘Upload Audio’ and select the file you wish to analyze. Songbird supports MP3, M4A, and WAV formats.
  4. Analyze Your Track: Once uploaded, Songbird will automatically begin the analysis process.

Audio Analysis`

Interpreting the Analysis

After the analysis is complete, you will receive information on:

  • Genre and Subgenres
  • Audience Demographics
  • City Listener Demand
  • Similar Artists, Songs, and more.

Explore these insights to align your music and marketing strategies with your audience’s preferences.